strainprint ambassadors

leading the charge

Strainprint Ambassadors are leaders in the cannabis industry driving research, advocacy and education. All anonymized trend data from Strainprint Ambassadors becomes part of the Strainprint community for the betterment of cannabis patients everywhere.

research ambassadors.

Strainprint Research Ambassadors are qualified researchers that use Strainprint’s revolutionary data gathering and analytics tools to conduct observational studies in relation to specific medical conditions using cannabis as a therapy. These studies are driving development of next generation cannabis therapies. Ambassador researchers get a study-specific version of the Strainprint outcomes tracking mobile app through which they can interact directly with participating patients. Segregated, confidential permission-based patient data is accessed through Strainprint’s upcoming web-based clinical interface and analytics platform.

advocate ambassadors.

Strainprint Advocate Ambassadors are cannabis subject matter experts and respected industry leaders. These advocates are already publicly changing perceptions of cannabis and helping patients to live more fulfilling lives. Advocate Ambassadors promote the Strainprint app to help shape policy and drive public opinion.

educational ambassadors.

Strainprint Educational Ambassadors are influential in large patient communities. These Ambassadors are typically patients and passionate users themselves who have benefited first-hand from Cannabinoid therapies.

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